Bayliner buccaneer sailboats
Climbing my way up
                                                by Larry Simms
Larry's modified aft rail
An original aft rail on another Bucc 285cc
    The ladder is a J.C. Whitney model #86dy3438w stainless steel ladder made for the back of a van. I removed the top step with my Dremel tool utilizing a cutoff disk. Since the welding is rather soft, it can be done in a few minutes using reasonable care. I dressed down the weld spots with a very fine file and polished out the remains. The bottom is held with 1/4" bolts and washers through the transom and is sealed with 3M5200. the top was mated to the rear rail using West Marine's 90 degree stainless fittings. The rear rail cuts well with a pipe cutter, as does the  the ladder. 
     The only problem that I encountered was judging where to cut the top ends of the ladder off. If it is too short, the allen lock screw will not engauge properly. If it is too long, the appearance is not as it should be. I opted to make them a bit long just in case.

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