The fireplace unit is a Dickenson stainless steel and brass unit that is vented through a double insulated deck cap fitting. The weatherproof deck cap is about 6" proud of the deck and can be removed for the summer season. The tile door slides down over a slotted grating if you do not want to see the flames and or take absolutlely no chance of a spark jumping out, although that hasn't happened in 2 years use. It will burn coal or wood...I burn mostly left over teak and maple from various projects...but the idea is that you can always find some driftwood on the beach and keep warm. I have a couple of A/C (I have an inverter) fans in the cabin that do a great job of passing the heat throughout the boat. The unit is mounted on a hearth I made from Formica and Ply. The total cost for the project was about $400 for all the materials. And no, the radio and horn do not stay there when it's in use.
Margaritaville keeps warm
Perfect to keep you warm while reading  at anchor on those cool mornings.
A  F i r e p l a c e
Updated pic! 6/21/01 better pic posted below