Gally Ho!!
Margaritaville gets a gally the would make Emeril envious
Out with the old and in with the new, a lot of plywood and a little glue! The original gally did not have the storage space I wanted and I needed to find a new place for the icebox, now that the electrical panel is where the old ice box was.
I built a proper ice box to replace the barely insulated original equipment one. After using the original countertop and face for a pattern, I made a larger counter and cabinet unit from ply and fitted the new top loading icebox between the sink and stove. I used a combination of foil back foam sheets and spray in foam (Home Depot) for insulation. The new ice box will hold a 25 lbs. block of ice for almost a 5 days in 80 degree weather.I rebuilt the Princess 2 burner alcohol stove and converted it to butane using the guts from two brand new Glowmate stoves purchased at a catering supply store for less than $30 each. It comes in cans the size of a can of spray paint, which lasts about 3 hours on high. I added about 2 feet to the counter top and cabinets by extending into the bench seat that runs fore and aft. I mounted a dish rack between the stove and microwave. The Cabinet doors (the right one is a false door, the icebox is behind it) are just plywood, formica and molding stained to match the formica used throughout the boat.